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A Unique blend of Photojournalism and Fashion Photogrphy



We are Candid Wedding Photographers and Cinematographers based out of Bangalore.There are so many beautiful moments that take place throughout the wedding celebrations. They are real, unscripted & spontaneous and capture your personalities, love and relationships. This is what we call candid wedding photography and these are the moments we strive to capture on your wedding day.

We are based in Bangalore but travel all over for candid wedding photography assignments.

Bangalore based Candid Photography Studio

We love Indian Weddings, full of fun and lots of Candid Moments of joy, happiness and emotionals.

Weddings are beautiful and special for everyone involved and we love creating wedding stories.


Click the thumbnails below to view some of our photo shoots from Candid Wedding Photography


Mangalorean Wedding

We are so excited to share this amazing Mangalorean wedding story with you. It was a lovely setup from décor to food and the most importantly a lovely couple and their loving families. The result was a great imagery.

North Indian Wedding

It was a pleasure to get to travel to the city of Varanasi, the most famous and oldest inhabited city of the world. We witnessed a beautiful North Indian Wedding with celebrations going on for almost a week.

Tamil Wedding

The wedding ceremony of the Chettiar community is celebrated in a majestic way. This consists of various traditional rituals and the custom of gift giving for the well-being of the newly married.


Our Style

We specialise in candid wedding photography capturing  real moments and emotions as they happen. Our goal is to create images which tell stories and make the couple and their families fall in love with their photographs and to relive the emotions of the day. Our style is a unique blend of technology and art where we maximise the use of ambient light and complement it with advanced studio lighting techniques.


Candid photography, portraits, folio, travel and more …

Wedding photography is a real fun yet equally challenging especially Indian Weddings where there are multiple activities taking place at same time. We work in a team with a focus on every candid moment to it’s purest form.

In addition to candid wedding photography, we do offer other services like prenatal photography, event photography, travel photography, commercial photography, music videos and etc.
We offer wide range of packages which will suit your requirements.


Team’s passion to capture defining moments always makes them excel in their work, whether it’s getting up early or rolling on the floor to get unique angles. You know, it’s not just a professional relation with them but much beyond it. Chandni Sharma

The team is very talented and capturing all the moment with full of passion. Very clear and Sharp photographs with some uniqueness. Great Job!! Team keep it up. Rajeev Goel

Photographs capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce and you made it something very very special forever. Ruchi Singh

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