Candid Wedding Photography


Candid Wedding Photography

Candid wedding photography is absolute fun but equally challenging. This is the genre where you capture stories through your images. Unlike professional models, that are in front of the camera most of the time, we understand that everybody is a little shy and uncomfortable being in the front of the camera. People emote best when they are not aware of being filmed and this gives us the real emotions in which each image tells a story and these emotions last forever. 

You have so many options presented through event planners, decor consultants, magazines, blogs, venues, resorts and destinations. They definitely help organizing a great wedding but candid moments are captured best in the form of images so that you can relive the emotions as if they were back there. So, choice of your candid wedding photographer should be like the best for the occasion. 

Your wedding is one of the most amazing days of your lives and most importantly not a photoshoot session. We focus on using ambient/natural light and add additional lights to enhance the overall appeal, but not to make it a studio session.

We create personalized candid photography and cinematography packages for our couples. To understand your personalities, preferences, interests and your relationship, we will help you to create a moodboard. A moodboard is just a medium on which couples share their choice of images. It’s a way to share your style preferences because we value your aesthetic sense and want to give you images and videos which represent your personalities.

Ivory Pixel is a team of fun loving candid photographers who love to travel and explore, we can adjust to any conditions and try to make the event memorable forever. We are professional candid wedding photographers and in the creative world for the last several years, we invite you to go through our profile.

We do realise that wedding is  a big family get-together and group shots are equally important during multi day wedding celebrations. We do offer group shots along with candid photography and provide this as per the need.

Please look at some of the candid wedding photography events and if you like them lets talk over the phone or drop us an mail. Or even you can book us online. 

Please visit our FAQ page for more information on candid photography services and deliverables.

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